ZDad Consulting
Get Your Work Done Faster And Get Out Of The House!

The electronic age is complex, but your needs are simple.
You need to get your work done and have time for yourself and your family.
I understand your needs, and I can help.

Available Services
  • Web Sites Including Online Stores. Examples:
  • Online Reputation Management - Improve your rank in searches
  • Quick, low priced PC repair, including Data Recovery - See Details
  • Work reduction - get faster at what you do
  • Expert programmer in many platforms and languages
  • Professionally trained computer teacher I taught Access to the Vice President of Microsoft!
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And Get Out Of The House!

- PC Hardware Technician
- Microsoft Office Expert
- Microsoft Windows Expert
- Certified Microsoft Trainer
- Microsoft Office Programmer

If you have ever thought
"there has to be a better way",
there probably is!
I'll help you find it.
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Authorized distributor of
I Am Big Brother
Monitoring software for your PC
Keep your kids safe!
See what family members
or employees
are doing while you're not there.

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